Mountain Harmony are members of LABBS, the Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers.

Our monthly fee is £17.50 which covers the cost of our venue hire, insurance, music, CD teach tracks and online access to our resources.

Plus our amazing performance costumes which are made-to-measure.



Mountain Harmony are always looking for new members - ladies who are willing to audition & sing with a professional established chorus. If you've enjoyed being part of an online choir or group during lockdown and want to expand your singing skills further, please contact us.

One of the great things about singing is how good it is for your wellbeing and with Mountain Harmony, you're also guaranteed to make new friends. 

Please email

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Meet our members....

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Sandra is in charge of taking the minutes at our committee meetings and helping us all to make sense when things get a bit confusing (as you can imagine, with so many brilliant suggestions flying around, this isn’t easy!). She joined Mountain Harmony back in 2008 when a good friend asked her to come along. Although Sandra’s only other experience of singing was in the school choir, when asked which part she sang, Sandra said she could keep up with Cliff Richard so - like a living doll - she’s been in our baritone section (singing those ‘twiddly bits’) ever since. 

Her favourite song – of many – is Music by John Miles, but she enjoys most types of music including Annie Lennox, Billy Joel and Amy MacDonald. She likes a lot of new music styles which are coming out and anything she can dance along to is always a sure-fire winner. She has a lot of hobbies which she fits in around keeping busy and looking after her grandchildren; as you can see, she’s been teaching herself archery during lockdown – hope you achieve your target soon Sandra? 

Sandra says the best bit of being part of Mountain Harmony is getting together with a wonderful group of ladies as she loves meeting up with others from all walks of life along with being able to share our music with others during our performances. She’s looking forward to meeting up with other members soon as she misses ‘so many smiling faces’ during rehearsal evenings – although she’s happy to make do with our Zoom rehearsals until it’s safe to meet up again. We feel the same too Sandra & it hopefully it won’t be too long until we do. 

Heather is our membership secretary – a post she’s held for 3 years now & prior to that was our secretary and our chairperson. She joined in 2008 after learning of Mountain Harmony through 2 members as she had sung in her youth choir and later in a folk group until, in her own words, ‘life got in the way’. Once her son had grown up and she stopped teaching, Heather was keen to continue with her singing but didn’t want anything boring and thought MH sounded like fun. She says it’s lived up to her expectations and enjoys the good singing and good friends now as well. 
Heather enjoys all genres of music and loves anything which grabs her attention, from opera to rock and all things in between. She loves a good quality performance and the way a song can evoke all sorts of emotions. She is looking forward to continuing her musical journey with Mountain Harmony while enjoying the friendship & support of other chorus members. No doubt she will continue for many years on our committee too. She says it’s because she likes to know what’s going on but we think it’s because she makes organising us all look so easy!!